If you are a chronic or recurring sinus sufferer, there is now a minimally invasive solution for treating your chronic sinus problems.

It is called Balloon Sinuplasty, and it looks like this.

Balloon Sinuplasty >
Can this small balloon REALLY be the answer to years of sinus infections? In a word, YES.

Balloon Sinuplasty uses a small medical balloon to dilate restricted sinus passageways alleviating sinus headaches, pressure and pain. It has a host of benefits, including:

  • QUICK RECOVERY – Patients often return to normal activities quickly, typically one to two days. Some even the same day.
  • FAST – The procedure can often be completed 1 hour or less, and in many cases can be performed in the comfort of your doctor’s office.
  • EFFECTIVE – 93% of patients who have the procedure exhibit successful outcomes.
  • SATISFACTION – 9 out 10 would recommend the procedure family or friend.
  • AFFORDABLE – It’s covered by major insurance plans and Medicare.
As with any medical procedure, results may vary and risks do exist. Your DFW Sinus Select ENT physician will provide you complete information during your consultation.